8 tips for starting your own agribusiness
1. Paddle your own canoe – “It is advisable to do cross-compliance and record keeping even with the help of your employees. “It’s bread-and-butter work that many land agents wouldn’t take on, but it builds a relationship that leads to return work.”
2. Pick your people – “Business is based on good people’. “Recruit people with personality. Technical knowledge can be learned on the job.”
3. Network – Organizations such as Young Farmers and the Central Association of Agricultural Valuers are invaluable, attend local farm discussion groups to maintain your level of farming knowledge and a presence. You believe in yourself if others believe in you.”
4. Take opportunities – Take chances as they come, more so when such opportunities are intended to add you knowledge and skills that will assist you in your business and help you to network.
5. Work your assets – Visit and learn from farmers on budgets, forecasts and overdrafts, to help you set up and do such in your farms.
6. Go with geeky – “Do everything you do well and the rest will come”
7. Get practical – Practical farm experience is recommended. Whatever you decide to do, even it may look small, do it practically and then advance as you get assistance from other people.
8. Start low, aim high – in the beginning, your aim maybe to get wage and independence, but as you advance and get results you may be needed to do planning like two, three or five years plan and include everything you will do and the requirements e.g. Input and output you intend to use and achieve respectively, if you will require offices etc.