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How long do you think it takes to be successful??Well,the answer to this question will depend on what you are doing today.If you are yearning of success and your answer happens to be 5 years-40years,then you might be in a wrong field.That is mostly likely to happen when you are in a job,with no promotion,and if by good Luck there comes a promotion,your salary goes up with a very small margin.You got to ask yourself a very simple question,”if you continue doing what you are doing today,will you ever achieve your dreams?”, I believe you have the answer.
This is a story of a young and SUCCESSFUL ONLINE ENTREPRENEUR that we have natured ,mentored , and through his hardwork, eagerness to learn I can confidentially say he is a success story.
The journey took him only 3 years.
From $40 Ksh(3,760) per month when he joined Online home based work 3 years ago to over $550 (KSH 55,000) ONLY in 5 DAYS in a week!!This is a message he has for the world,Both the Young Generation and old, employed and unemployed,a message to all professions.

from $40 per month
To over $500 per month


“It take’s patience, hard work,focus and time to move yourself from earning as low as Kshs. 3,760 per month as your first online income to over Ksh 55,000 in an Online Home Based Business Opportunity in a society full of people who are so negative towards working online. Yes over Kshs. 55,000 in 5 days.(Check Below his first week income and his 5 days income in SBC).gk1
We enjoy Seeing Young Kenyan’s feeling the excitement. Working online is the best thing Ever. Because this is what this game is all about : giving without expecting anything in return! Don’t run for the money , it will come: instead focus on Learning , Mastering, Teaching and Supporting others.
For those who are with us in SBC or planning to join us, this is for you…
——–Lets go all out in 2017..
——–Lets make it happen in 2017…
——–You got one life : lets crush it !
——–No Excuses, No Blames
And Les Brown says…”If life knocks you down, try to land on your back. Because if you can look up, you can get up. If you get up, you can stand up. If you stand up, you can fight for your dream once again in 2017. You have something special. You have GREATNESS within you!”
Can’t wait to meet you on the beaches of the world! You know who you are !”
There you got the story of Erick.Now the Big Question is,”What is your story?”Are you ready to create yours?
Many people chase their dreams but only few wake up and do something about it. There are so many ways you can achieve your dreams which includes doing job, business etc. But according to the highly growing population, to get a job is another job!!and even if you get one, the salary that one earns is not enough to meet our needs with the current economy. Still when you venture in business, most of them are not consistent in terms of income you get from it. To solve all these problems, there is a better option that one can go to which will you give a residual income and financial freedom which is Online Marketing.
Currently the whole world is already waking up to the fact that everything is changing and when it comes to banking or finance or money there is nothing bigger than world of online marketing. It starts with first ,having the true desire and belief that you can indeed make changes in your financial status via online work. A lot of people have no idea how simple it is to make money online using a simple gadget that everyone has, a Smart phone or a PC/Laptop.You don’t have to interfere with your current work,we have both parttime and full time opportunity,you can do this alongside your other occupation.Below Here is a screenshot of Erick showing his progress.Sharing this is just to help you see how online work is employing lots and lots of people in our societies.. You too can do it. Lets be your guide to success.g
If you’re willing to learn more or understand deep how our Ecomerce Systems Works,You can reach Me Via my Business Number through WHATSAPP/SMS/CALL 0724819174 ,Start with your Full Names,Locations,with the Word Interested,then wait for a reply.

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